Brazen Synergies work with a range of speakers to produce a number of exciting events, workshops and seminars on a wide variety of topics.

Our next speaking event is in January 2011.


Brazen Synergies | The Entrepreneurial Speaking Circuit Presents:


DATE: Saturday, 15th January 2011

VENUE: Citigate Central Hotel | 169-179 Thomas St Sydney

TIME: 8:45am Registration | 9:00m Start 7:00pm Finish


Spend A Full Day with 7 Mavericks Presenting 7 Succulent Topics On:

• The Cosmology of Vitality
• Inspirations From Silence
• Sexy Quantum Brain Science
• Lusting For Life | Live Your Love
• Image & Essence Branding
• 5th Dimensional Manifestation
• Radically Sacred Relationships



New Year Special $65 + booking fee

Early Bird (bef. 20th Dec) – $55 + booking fee

RODOLFO YOUNG | Inspirations From Silence

In the midst of all the mind chatter, media, and onslaught of modern day small talk… there are these small gaps of respite. Places where the mind gets to relax and refocus.

It’s the place where our inhale moves deep within and pauses before exhaling with expression. It is a place of Silence.

Have you ever wished someone would simply give you permission to take a break from all the noise?

Rodolfo (The Authenticity Muse), has touched hundreds of lives worldwide by “holding space” for authentic transformation through his presentations, unique experiences, and ultimately his joyful, peaceful presence – and will be opening the day for us with the Art of Presence, Vulnerable Expression, and the Irresistible Attraction of Authenticity.

This will be an opportunity to get comfortable within your own skin, your own expression… knowing that your authenticity is the most attractive quality about you!

Rodolfo has authored 3 books on Life, Love, and Inspiration. He was invited to speak and hold workshops alongside prominent speakers Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, and John Gray, and for 3 years now has been the official hugger for the Bali Spirit Festival.

It’s Rodolfo’s passion to hold space for the authentic expression of others. It is his belief that when we begin to hold space for one another’s beauty, the natural compliment is a life filled with gratitude.

And this, in Rodolfo’s words, “is the vision for our future.”

KYLE HAYDEN VIALLI | The Cosmology of Vitality

All the way from the UK, Kyle joins Brazen Synergies for the first time …

Kyle is one of the few Vitality coaches in Europe. His unique specialty is a wide-spectrum understanding and approach towards the creation of real, actual and palpable vitality.

He is an independent researcher and international educator working in a variety of ways across the planet to develop, and build recognition of, a complete and unifying theory on vitality generation.

In this sense Kyle is a meta-vitalitist, and as a researcher and educator he strives to explore and passionately share the entire cluster of effects that either constrict or expand the generation of our optimal vitality.

As a lecturer in the human potential movement, Kyle is considered by his peers as an emerging light on the international arena. He is a proponent of “following one’s passions” and has been studying the root or logos of existence (i.e. universal cosmology) for over ten years.

Kyle has also worked with a director at Virgin Records, a Hollywood actress, top athletes, TV presenters and has helped thousands of people attain increased levels of vitality, lifeforce, direction and clarity.

After all, you are only as strong as your weakest link.

BENJAMIN J HARVEY | Live Your Lust | Love Your Life

It really is a disturbing fact that 97% of people wander this planet with a heart filled with regret, sadness, anger and resentment for having never fully actualised their heart’s true desires.

Using a combination of Eastern Magic and Western Strategy, Benjamin will show you how to easily join the exclusive 3% of humans walking around with a spring in their step and a big fat smile on their face knowing they are doing what they were born to do or “living their love” as he to put it.

If you already live your love he will share with you an exact strategy for doing so with the least amount of effort.

Benjamin has had the good fortune working with a diverse cross section society ranging from Shamans to Strategists, Psychics to Sales Reps, Healers to Home Makers and Meditators to Mediators.

Having studied a variety of healing and transformation techniques across the globe, as cliched as this sounds, he dedicates his life to empowering people with the skills to take control and ownership of their internal power. Co-Founder of Authentic Education, Benjamin is an all round nice guy. So be prepared to laugh as you learn during this life altering presentation.

MARIA CUCI | Dare To Shine! | Personal Branding and Style Essence

Did you know that your appearance, your attitude and how you relate to yourself impacts who you are and who you become?

Maria will show you how to honour the Beauty within and shine brightly for all to see – and create an Authentic Style!

How are you showing up in the world? It’s all about being the very best YOU! Discover how your essence is both reflected and affected by what we wear and how we present ourselves.

Maria is the founder and Director of Your Personal Style Coach specialising in Personal Style Coaching, Image & Personal Branding Strategies. She firmly believes in the value of a holistic approach and aligning one’s Personal brand and Image to one’s inner essence.

In this way, she is able to assist her clients to enhance their credibility and authenticity in all aspects of their business and personal life.

ANDREW MORRISSEY | Universal Heroes | The Game of the 5th Dimension

Andrew will reveal his latest creative project – The Universal Heroes Game, which was launched from a tropical island Thailand in 2010.

Currently the game is being played in 13 countries and is being translated in 5 different languages.

For the first time in Australia, Andrew will be speaking about this Multi Dimensional Game which involves players being able to manifest the life they desire and deserve by mastering their emotional states.

Andrew has worked on many creative projects with Hollywood film makers, producers, musicians and actors. He now specialises in social marketing tools using high definition video to mentor people or groups in the evolving global economy.

EDWINA GRIFFIN | Quantum Brain Science for Higher Consciousness

Can your DNA switch on and off? Edwina will be presenting amazing scientific research on ground-breaking cellular biology, quantum science and the brain, giving you the knowledge to create what you want in life.

Training the mind is as important as training the body in order to manifest what you want out of life. In her presentation, she will workshop you through this journey with practical tasks. Learn to ‘switch off’ and focus to create a healthier and happier life.

As the founder and director of Real Body Management, Edwina is a clinical hypnotherapist, results coach and meditation facilitator with certification in shamanic practice and energetic healing. She is also personal trainer who just won the NSW 2010 Exercise Professional of the year.

An advocate for the mind / body / spirit connection, Edwina is extremely passionate about working with people, to inspire, educate and provide information and tools which enable them to step into their own power and find ultimate health and happiness.

VINA VON S | The Sacred Alchemy of Love | Radical Relationships

In her presentation, Vina will explore the alchemy of sacred relationships and introduce a new paradigm shift that is happening across the globe.

There is an unprecedented movement stirring about within the realm of relationships which aches to bridge the gap between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.

She will discuss how personal and planetary ascension is a crucial element in understanding and embracing a new way of relating – creating the next breed of sacred mavericks willing to embrace more authentic revolutionary relationships based on Radical Truth and Impeccable Integrity.

Founder of Brazen Synergies, Vina is also a post-Jungian analyst and holds a Masters in Analytical Psychology. She has always been on the visionary path of human consciousness and is ecstatic about the changes that are sweeping the cosmic underbelly of conscious evolution.




Brazen Synergies | The Entrepreneurial Speaking Circuit Presents:


An Evening of Chaos | Quirks | Synchronicity | Quantum Zones

crystal ball


•    MASTERING Chaos
•    Entering the ZEN ZONE
•    Looking Through the QUANTUM GLASS Window
•    UNLEASHING Your Soul’s UNIQUE Potential Through SYNCHRONICITY

BENJAMIN J HARVEY | Authentic Change Expert (ACE) | Chaos Mastery

Having generated annual sales revenues of over $20M for world leading organisations, Benjamin will finally share his effective 5 step ‘CHAOS’ technique that is guaranteed to put you at the top of your game anytime you’re required to perform, either personally or professionally.

He has also personally coached, mentored and trained people from around the world to realise their true potential and fulfil their hearts desires. For the very first time, Benjamin will also be sharing his unique process for instantly silencing the mind and entering the ‘Zen Zone’. A presentation NOT to be missed!

ANDY MACKERETH | Performance Consultant | Through the Quantum Glass

Buddha tells us “we are what we think – all that we are arises with our thoughts.”

Quantum physics tells us that what we think is real, isn’t necessarily so. Andy takes you on a fascinating and challenging journey – not dissimilar to Alice in Wonderland’s rabbit hole experience – through the quantum glass. Get your 5D glasses on …

Andy is the Director of Blueprint Coaching and a qualified performance consultant and master practitioner in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming).

VINA VON S | Unleashing Your Inner Quirk Through Synchronicity

After following the erratic path of her soul for the last decade and as founder of Brazen Synergies, Vina explores the need to fulfil your soul’s potential and purpose by tapping into your hidden passions, allowing synchronicity to realise your soul’s unique blueprint and unleash that inner quirk so you can share it with the rest of the world!

DATE: Wednesday 11th, November 2009

VENUE: Bass Suite | York Conference & Function Centre | 99 York St, Sydney (1 min from QVB)

TIME: 6:00pm | 5:30pm registration

COSMIC INFO EXCHANGE: $15 (includes light nibblies) | $10 if you bring a friend

Don’t miss out! Register for this event NOW!


Brazen Synergies | The Entrepreneurial Speaking Circuit Presents:

An Evening of Empowerment & Dreams


DATE: Tuesday, 24th March 2009

VENUE: Three Degrees | No.1 QV Square

Corner Swanston & Lonsdale Streets, Melbourne

TIME: 5:30pm registration | 6:00pm start 10:00pm finish

COSMIC INFO EXCHANGE: $20 on the door

Want to learn how to HARNESS the power of YOU?

You’re invited to join amazing speakers share their SCINTILLATING STRATEGIES & SUCCESSFUL TIPS on:-

• Dreaming BIG and Achieving BIG
• How to live an ABUNDANT life and BE A FULL CUP

JAMES JACKSON | Dream Big, Achieve Big

Having starting his own coaching business at the age of 19, this amazing young gun will show you how to conquer the only thing holding you back, so you can start living the lifestyle of your DREAMS sooner than you ever thought possible.


Prabir’s presentation packs a powerful punch as he helps you look beyond the boundaries of thinking and shows you how to live an abundant life and ‘BE A FULL CUP’.

JAY RAMLOCHUN | Mastering The Circle of Relationships

Performance coach Jay discusses the importance of mastering the Circle of Relationships and explains how ‘mastering your relationship with yourself is instrumental in mastering your relationship with others’.

VINA VON S | Soulscaping Synchronicity

Don’t miss this exciting presentation …

Don’t miss out! Register for this event NOW!


Brazen Synergies | The Entrepreneurial Speaking Circuit Presents:

A Night of Attraction | Image | Health | Seduction


DATE: Tuesday, 3rd February 2009

VENUE: Bass Suite  – York Conference & Function Centre

Level 2 / 99 York St, Sydney

TIME: 6:00pm registration – 6:30pm start 10:00pm finish

COSMIC LOVE EXCHANGE: $20 (free if you bring a friend)



You’re invited to join 4 amazing speakers share their SCINTILLATING STRATEGIES & SUCCESSFUL TIPS on:-

• ATTRACTION techniques to increase inner confidence
• Transforming your IMAGE & overall physical presentation
• HEALTH & fitness tips for enhanced vitality, vivaciousness & energy AND
• Mastering the timeless art of SEDUCTION

BEAU CHASE – Health Freak Guru

Beau not only talks the talk, but walks the walk …
As a result of blasting through his own health issues, Beau knows how to create long-lasting results to enhance your overall energy and vitality so you can look good and feel great for all the right reasons!

JOSH WHITE – Image Consultant

Josh tells it like it is …
His frank, straight down the line, “no bull” nature will have you reeling sideways as he demonstrates how to best transform your image in a way that appeals to your personality and physical characteristics.

VINA VON S – Seduction Coach

Vina explores the tantalising world of seduction – psychologically and physiologically. Through timeless seduction techniques used by historical figures to modern day sirens and romeos, she’ll discuss how you too, can use some of these techniques to spice things up in your love life!

LOGAN WISE – Attraction Expert

Logan is an expert in courtship and attraction theory. With practical applications distilled by experience and research over the years, his presentation will be nothing short of engaging and entertaining!

Don’t miss out! Register for this event NOW!

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